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Drink This Now: Sauvignon Blanc WHAT?!


Wine Description
Domaine des Bérioles (Jean Teissèdre)
90% Tressalier, 10% Chardonnay (between you and me, it’s actually 100% Tressalier. shhhh)
BTG/Liter $
CRUSHABILITY (on a scale of 1-5 roses)
5 Roses

Every item from the Raw Bar Menu! Scallops on the half shell and yellowtail crudo will be brightened by the mineral and tart characteristics of the fruit.

It’s often tempting to go with a common crowd-pleaser when a guest requests a Sauvignon Blanc by the glass. Because we like to shake things up over here, our go-to for this situation is  Tressalier.

Tressalier is the most important grape (excluding the fact that Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc dominate the plantings) in Saint-Pourçain, a wine appellation that aligns itself along the banks of the Allier river in France; the most significant tributary to the Loire River. Saint-Pourçain is basically the geographical center of France, almost exactly half the distance between Tours and Lyon.

All the major wine regions of France (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Provence…) encompass this wine region. The wines from this historic region, possibly France’s oldest, were very famous in the Middle Ages as they were served at the courts of the Capetian kings and the Popes in Avignon. In the modern era there is a subtle revitalization of Tressalier in the vineyards of Saint-Pourçain, and Jean Teissèdre may be leading the pack.

Jean is a young champion of Tressalier, as he puts it at the forefront of his white wine and gives all his focus in highlighting the varietal characteristics of chalky limestone minerality with a refreshing edge of citrus and underripe peach. A bouquet of lemongrass and citrus florals jumps from the glass. The wine is always refreshing and never green.

It would be great to see a greater change in wine consumption, when we call for the autochthonous (ooooh, big word), or native grapes of historic wine appellations made at high quality encouraging the growth of regional uniqueness. Of course we all want to have a comfort level in ordering wine, but again I love guiding guests in a direction they didn’t realize they were already headed, but with maybe a little more history in the glass along the way. Come grab a taste of this amazing expression of Tressalier and French wine history at The Rose all year long.

As always, stop in to try out these amazing wines.


Nathaniel Muñoz

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