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How to Travel Abroad Like a Chef

In celebration of his 40th birthday this summer, Chef Neroni decided to pack up his family and take them abroad. Although he has stayed stateside for over a decade, Chef is no stranger to Europe. He has lived and worked in Paris, Spain, and Amsterdam – with stints at some of the best restaurants in the world, including El Bulli. It was time to go back.

Chef and his family started their trip in Paris and then went on to Amsterdam and ended their trip in Copenhagen. If you are headed to any of those destinations in the future, we recommend you keep reading. Here is how to travel around Europe, like a chef:

1. Eat Savory Pancakes in Amsterdam – Chef Neroni suggests Japanese Pancake World in Amsterdam.


img_1958-22. Try Italian Food in Paris – Don’t miss East Mamma in Paris. According to Chef it’s better than most of the food he’s had in Italy!


img_8798-13. Indulge in Pastries Every Morning – This adorable personal Tarte Tatin is from Ble Sucre in the 11th  Arrondissement. Chef and his family went there for Breakfast everyday when they were in Paris.


4. Buy Bread From a Truck – A real bread truck in Copenhagen! Chef loved this one so much he is trying to find one for The Rose.


5. Play Life-Size Chess – There’s a life size board at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


6. Stay in a Hotel with a Hanging Garden This one is at Hotel SP34 in Copenhagen.


7. Eat Tacos – Hija de Sanchez was opened by the former pastry chef from Noma. Chef said that the tacos there were more covetable than most Los Angeles tacos.

8. Delve into Copenhagen’s Hot Dog Scene – Complete with sauerkraut, pickles, chili and cheese.


9. Don’t Pass Over the Classic Staples – Like Andersens for pastries.


10. OBVIOUSLY, Dine at Noma – It will be a special experience, Chef promises. It’s simpler than expected and the things that you would expect to be off-putting (read: ants and reindeer moss) are surprisingly amazing.


11. Eat Breakfast Toast in Copenhagen – The Breakfast Toast at Coffee Collective was so good, Chef decided to put a version of it on the Rose’s menu.




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